Mission Statement

Peydah is a celebration of Iranian and Iranian-American culture and art. The company is made up of professional Iranian and Iranian-American actors and theater makers who have gathered with the shared goal of creating work that tells our stories without apology, reservation, or limitations. Peydah is committed to voicing stories from all aspects of Iranian life, particularly those of women and marginalized communities. Peydah seeks to create and manifest theater related to the rich and nuanced experience of Iranian-Americans, drawing upon classic and contemporary works from Iran and the diaspora community.


Upcoming Events

  • Tosca Tehran

    A group of Iranian actors, who with the risk of getting arrested – or worse – have decided to perform the uncensored Tosca in an international festival in Tehran, Iran. A place where religion is weaponized to arrest, execute and destroy people who believe in love, freedom and justice.


The Founders

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